Dairy Booster

Dairy Booster

Dairy Booster is complete Solution for boost dairy milk Production. It energize the cow and fulfill the nutrition deficiency and improve its milk production level. This is 100% natural feed supplement which don’t have any side effects on Cattles at any Stage. Cattles before delivery can boost their milk production in their milking Period  if use this powder before two months of delivery. Dairy Booster have following health Benefits,


  • It help to improve physical health and growth.
  • Improve digestive system and help for deworming
  • It help to cattle for recover after delivery and get healthy for milk production.
  • It strength the lambs of cattle.
  • It help to get protection from infections and other diseases.



Moringa powder is rich source of calcium, energy and vitamins. Sohanjana powder is use to treat high blood pressure and sugar level. Moringa powder is very effective for weight Loss. Moringa leaves powder boost immune system.



Packing:     1 KG

Price:       Rs. 500/-

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