Moringa Seeds

Moringa Fodder Seeds

HERBYZONE Moringa Fodder is Highly Nutritious and Sada Bahaar Fodder for Dairy Cattles, Goat,Sheeps etc. it is most important for dairy Farmer to cultivate Moringa Fodder because this increase Milk Production, improve cattles health and also help to boost immune system. Moringa Fodder have all essential nutrients which required by Dairy Cattles on daily basis to produce Milk and maintain Good health. It help to dairy farmers to reduce additional minerals and DCP Cost. Moringa Fodder have following Benefits for dairy farmers,

  1. High Source of green Fodder Protein about 16%
  2. Rich Source of Multivitamins ( A,B,C,D,E,K)
  3. Complete Natural Source of Dairy Minerals( Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Zinc)
  4. Perfect Source of Essential and Non Essential Amino Acids.
  5. Additional Source of Phyto Compounds which Boost Milk Production Capacity of Cattle.
  6. Round the Year Fodder Availability.
  7. One Time Fodder cultivation cost and Fodder Availability for Multiple Years.
  8. Help in Fodder Interchange Time to Utilize it and Maintain Milk Production.
  9. Can Easily Grow in any type of Lands.
  10. Improve Dairy Milk Production up to 35% in dairy Cattles.
Moringa fodder Seed is sadabahar fodder . Moringa seed PKM1 Variety is imported from TAMAL Naddu. Moringa seed is available in Lahore. Moringa seed cultivation time is end September. Moringa seed in Multan. Moringa seed supplier in Pakistan, sohanjna seed in Lahore, swajna seed supplies. Moringa chara seed,


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