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What is Moringa?

Moringa is a medicinal plants which has highest ratio of essential nutrients and therapeutic values which are required by human and cattle. Moringa is rich Source of Natural Multivitamin, Multi-Minerals, Amino Acids, Antioxidants and some PhytoComounds which are essential for Health and to cure different Disese. WHO declare Moringa as “SUPER FOOD” due to its abundant of Nutrition and power to cure 300 Diseases.


Business Opportunities of Moringa:

Moringa is a special plant in the World due to its high nutrition Profile and therapeutic Power to enrich the body with multi-Nutrients and cure of 300 human diseases. Multiple uses and benefits make it highly profitable crop which is used in many Nutracutical Medicines/ Supplements, Cosmetics, Agri Products, Pesticide and Fertilizer. International Market of Moringa Leaves, Moringa Seeds, Moringa Oil and Seed Cake is very high. India, China, Philippine, Malaysia and some African countries are major Moringa producers of the World. Moringa is exported in Asian, Europeans, Russian and Gulf States and India is Supplying 85% of Moringa needs of the World.


Moringa Cultivation for Commercial Projects


Different parts of Moringa are used in different projects for Medicines, Cosmetics, Food, Pesticides and Dairy Feed. All parts of Moringa like Leaves, roots, seeds and stem are can utilize, so Moringa is cultivated commercially mainly for Leaves Productionand Seeds Production.

Moringa Cultivation for Leaves Production:

The most important and nutritious part of Moringa plants are its leaves. Leaves are used in human Food, Cattle Feed, Nutracutical Medicines, Cosmetics, Pesticides and Fertilizer etc. Utilization of Moringa leaves and demand in local and international Market is very High. Pakistan has 5th Populated country of the World having above 22 Million persons who can utilize Moringa as food, Cosmetics and manufacturing of supplements, Moreover Pakistan also has more than 18 Million Livestock population which are kept for Milk and Meat Production and Moringa is highly recommended for livestock due to its perfectly matched nutrition for livestock. International Market for Moringa Leaves demand is also another attractive option for business.

Cultivation Time of Moringa,

Cultivation of Moringa is based from seeds and stems but stems production in many cities are entirely different. Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur etc. has high ratio of stem cultivation but in many other cities stem propagation is very low. Cultivation from seed is effective and affordable in all areas of Pakistan. Moringa needs hot temperature for germination it requires approximately 35 degree for germination so we can cultivate it from May to August when temperature is suitable.

Suitable Land for Moringa Cultivation:

Moringa can survive every type of lands except sseems and thorzada. Moringa can also cultivate in average fertile lands where availability of water may low. Moringa belongs to desert areas and can survive in hot weather conditions. It flourishes abundantly where hot temperature and sufficient water will be available. Its roots does not destroy even when water could not available even in 6 months it will regrow when water will be available.

Seed Requirement for Leaves Production:

Seed requirement for leaves production is approximately 3 kg. Number of Seeds in each kg also matter for whole requirement. For plant distance

Plant Spacing for Leaves Production:

Moringa cultivation for leaves production is on ridges where seeds sowing will be on 1 foot to 2 feet on line and line to line difference will be 3 feet to 5 feet.

Seed Requirement for Seed Production:

When we cultivate Moringa for seed production we need to be careful for the variety we are going to choose for. Different varieties are used for seed production, which has variant level of properties of seed oil and seed production and even Difference of Climate. Moringa has following varieties used for commercial Production,

  1. Moringa Oleifera Conventional Variety
  2. Moringa Oleifera Hybrid- PKM 1
  3. Moringa Oleifera Hybrid- PKM 2
  4. Moringa Oleifera Hybrid- MOMAX-3
  5. Moringa Oleifera Hybrid- AR 32

Seedlings for Seed Production:

It will be ideal for seed production we need to prepare nursery for our required Variety and choose healthy plants to transfer in fields. Moringa Conventional and PKM 1 is better in Hybrids verities in Pakistan because these can match with our Weather conditions and Large production. We need to prepare nursery before 45 to 60 days of plantation. The plant which life will be 45 days will be ideal to transfer in fields.

We need to manage plant distance and rows according to our cultivation plan, if our plan is for inter cropping between Moringa plants then we will increase plan to plant and row to row distance it must be more than 12*12 and in case of sole Moringa crop cultivation base then 7*7 and 10*10 distance will be ideal. In sole Moringa crop cultivation 750 to 1000 plants will be required for your above distances.

Land Preparation:

To transfer Moringa nursery plants in to fields we need to dig holes of 2 feet depth and 2 feet wide. Manure and sandy land must be mix and put in it before a weak of transplantation.

Seed Production per Acre:

Hybrid variety PKM 1 will produce seed twice in a year and Conventional variety will on yearly basis. In case of PKM 1 Variety plant’s production capacity will be half kg seed and after one year of plant life it can produce 1 kg seed on each plant. So 1st year production of PKM 1 hybrid variety could be 1500 kg seeds. We may calculate the rate of per kg seed with our production. Moringa can give 300,000/- to 500,000/- per acre yearly income.

Guidance and Seed Supplies:

For more information about Moringa Cultivation and supplies of seeds and plants you may contact us on our following numbers

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