Herbal Farming

Scope of Herbal Farming

Herbal Farming is tremendously popular these days not only in Asia but also in many countries of the world. People want to buy herbs or herbal products from the smallest shop to the largest discount warehouse. Business communities are also focusing to invest on manufacturing, selling of herbal products for health care, Cosmetics and food as per consumer’s trend for natural products. Export scenario of medicinal herbs is also very encouraging because Sub Continent is popular for its spices, Grains, fruits and therapeutics herbs in European and Africans Markets. Are Peoples are interested for

  • Medicinal herbs
  • Culinary herbs
  • Herbal teas
  • Herbal Cosmetics,

Trend to like natural health care and beauty care products are increasing day by day in the World. People want to use natural, reliable and free from side effects products to maintain their health and beauty. Many People who have vision of natural remedies, often they get start their home Gardens and cultivate aromatic, Medicinal, Flowering herb’s plants to fulfill their needs.

Due to availability of Internet and Innovative technology now farmers are looking towards other cash crops instead of traditional crops. Agricultural technology and marketing sources are also encouraging to farmers to grow some other crops those can give them more profit.

 Our lands in any province of Pakistan are rich in fertility and have potential to grow herbal plants successfully. The advantages of this business, that no special circumstances are required to start herbal farming except of growing knowledge and marketing Techniques. You can start out small, growing your herbs in a large backyard or renting inexpensive land, but keep in mind that your profits will also be small unless you've got two-digit acreage. You'll need a solid working knowledge of growing and nurturing herbs. If you'll be working several acres or more, you'll need to know farming techniques as well--commercial growing is different from coaxing along a few plants in a backyard border.

You'll also need a firm grounding in the wholesale herb business--what's popular, who's buying it for what purposes, which herbs are best abandoned to agribusiness and which new herbs are likely to be the 'in' product in the next few years. (Since it can take two years to reap the rewards of your labors, you'll need to forecast at least this far ahead.) In addition to all this, you'll need top-notch sales and marketing skills to get your herbs in the marketplace and keep them there.

Your Market 

Your customers can be Herb wholesalers, Manufactures of Natural health care products, Herbal Extraction Companies, grocery chains and restaurants, or you can sell directly to these businesses yourself. Our Herbal/Natural Business community import many herbs from India, China, Courier or other countries but many of these imported categories of herbs can be grown in Pakistan’s many regions according to the herb’s required growing needs.

Growing requirements of herbs vary from plant to plant. Some herbs required hot temperature and shiny environment and some low temperature or some in cold all time of their growth. We can plan for cultivation of herbs according to our area where we want to start of herbal f arming project.

You can also sell potted plants or small Plants to garden centers, florists and nurseries or those who want to start herbal farming.