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Herbyzone Moringa Capsules are made from Moringa leaves powder by Nutraceutical Company according to DRAP regulations. Moringa capsules are beneficial to regulate sugar level

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90 Capsules

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Food Supplement

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Moringa tree is also called as Miracle Tree which is one of the God”s gift to the people in the world. The tree which consists all the needed essential nutrients act as a health supplement to our body. This moringa leaf powder which in turn filled in the vegetarian capsules inorder to produce the organic capsule.

Our Moringa capsule contains the Moringa leaf powder is break down fast into the blood stream. So this make the easy absorbtion of nutrients at a higher rate. This moringa capsule contains large nutrients like Protein, Chlorophyll, iron, Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals

Moringa capsules are made from pure organic moringa leaf powder an amazing superfood loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, and contains no additives.

Moringa for Joint Pains:

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