Moringa Benefits for Livestock Feeds
Moringa Dairy Powder
  • Boost Wanda Results with Protein, Energy, Minerals
  • Increase Milk Production by Giving All  Nutrients
  • Helps for Weight Gain by Improving Health & Nutrition
  • Improve Digestion System and Act as Natural Dewormer
  • Medicinal Properties Save Mastitus & Udder Inflammation
  • Helps to improve Conception rate of Cow & Bull Fertility
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Moringa Goat Powder
  • Helps to Gain Weight and Improve Height
  • Increase Milk Production up to 50% in Goats
  • Complete Feed Supplement for Goat Farm
  • Decrease Medication Cost by Controlling Diseases
  • Acts As Natural Dewormer and Digestion Improve
  • Natural Cure of Mastitus and Conception of Goats
Moringa Poultry Powder
  • Rich Source of Minerals, Vitamins & Antioxidants
  • Effective Supplement for high Resulting Poultry Feed
  • Act as Natural Toxin Binder & Decrease Flock Diseases
  • Decrease Medication Cost and Mortality Ratio of Flock
  • Help to Increase Weight Gain of Broilers & Layer’s Egg
  • Increase Number of Eggs of Layers and Size Of Egg
Moringa Pet Food
Moringa Pet Food
  • Moringa Nutrition Improve Birds Performance
  • Protein, Minerals & Vitamins Increase Growth Rate.
  • Antioxidants Helps to Escape from Diseases
  • Boost Breading of Pets & Increase Numbers of Eggs
  • Improve Growth Rate of Small Pets & Health Status
  • Complete Feed Supplement for All Kind of Birds & Pets
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