Leaves Commercial Projects

Scope of Moringa Farming Business

The business of Medicinal Plant’s collection and cultivation for is very old and strong relationship with herbal medicines and natural therapy around the World. Medicinal herbs and spices cultivation is become very profitable business due to high natural products demand in local and international Market and also many investors are also investing and planning for long term herb’s cultivation projects.

Following its export recognition, non-profit and international development agencies have spent millions of dollars to encourage people across the African and Asian countries to grow and use Moringa. The crop is being used by pharmaceutical, perfumery, trado-medical practitioners, and food industries as its leaves and other parts are useful as medicine for treatment of ailments.

Looking at the in-depth health benefits of Moringa leaves, stem, root, and seeds, scientific studies have shown that it contains specific antioxidants and health promoting ingredients that offer palliatives to malnutrition, hunger and diseases. The early leaves are edible and are commonly cooked and eaten like spinach or used to make soups and salads. It’s rich in many vitamins, including Vitamin A, several forms of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.

Consumption of Moringa Leaves in Pakistan  

Moringa Leaves demand is rising day by day in Pakistan and export category. Demand of Moringa leaves Powder in Pakistan is in Dairy Farming, Nutraceutical Manufacturers, Herbal Manufactures, Homoeopathy, Cosmetic, Herbal Extraction and Foods sectors.

Moringa processing Equipments and Moringa related food business is also an attractive opportunity to invest in Moringa business plan. Processing of Moringa leaves, Roots, Seeds have great opportunities in many sectors as below,

Opportunities in Dairy Sector

Moringa is also has very attractive opportunities for Dairy Sector because of its high nutrient Profile as high ratio of protein, Calcium, Antioxidants a and  Some Phyto  Comounds for boost of dairy milk production. Moringa is rich Source of all necessary Minerals and vitamins required by dairy cattles on daily basis to maintain good health and milk production. Moringa not only Boost dairy milk production but also help to gain weight for fattening farms.

Opportunities in Health care Sector        

Moringa is gaining popularity in all over the world due to excellent power of remedies and source of high nutrients, WHO & UNO has funded to many NGOS in many parts of the world to promote its cultivation and usage among general public to fight malnutrition and save lives. Many multinational and national grade companies are also developing Health care products like Moringa Tea, Moringa Capsules, Moringa Tablets to cure many diseases and nourish the human body.

Opportunities in Cosmetics Industry

Moringa is also rapidly using in Cosmetics Products to nourish skin, prevent wrinkles and proper hair growth. Many natural cosmetic like Creams, Masks, Shampoos and soaps are being manufactured with Moringa.  Imported products of Moringa in Pakistan are also getting popularity with high income scale.           

Opportunities in Agri Sector
  • Moringa extract for crops

As leaves of moringa are rich source of nutrients and other compounds as mentioned earlier, so morigna leaf extract has a very positive impact on the crops. “Zeatin” is a form of cytokinin which is growth promoter as increases not only germination of crops uptill 25% but also enhances the yield of crop upto 35%.

  • As priming agent

Moringa leaf extract can be used as the priming agent before sowing of seed. For priming,seed is soaked in moringa leaf extract with water ratio of 1:30. For about 8 hours. Proper ventilation must be provided. After over night soaking seed is dried in shade for about 5-6 hours. It will result in rapid and more germination of that crops, proper crop establishment with uniformity in the field.

Export Potential of Moringa

Moringa is a Special medicinal plant among long list of therapeutic plants. Moringa is gaining popularity in each part of world particularly in Asia and Europe. A large number of Products made from Moringa are available in Europe, Middle East, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese Markets.

Export Potential of Moringa leave’s Powder is also very high because currently India and Philippine are exporting to all over the world with major share of total Moringa consumers. China, Japan, Malaysia, UAE, Russian and USA can be major importer for Moringa from Pakistan.

Low Cost Commercial Project

Moringa farming is low cost project because it could be cultivated on marginal lands where other cash crops are not successful. Cultivation cost of per acre is also not very high. One time sowing and many years benefits are also reduce business cost. 6 cuttings per annum is also increase encourage to farmer for income instead of half yearly crops income.

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