Moringa Cultivation as Fodder

Moringa Cultivation as supplement Livestock Fodder:

. Moringa powder helps to treat mastitis. Herbyzone Moringa dairy powder

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Moringa is basically medicinal plant which has high level of Nutrition which is equally beneficial for humans and cattle. Science claims that the nutrition available in Moringa are not found in such quantity in any plant comparativelyexplored by researchers. Quantity of all available Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Antioxidants and Phyto compounds are all high than any plant.

Moringa Dairy Friend Fodder

Due to highest profile of nutrients Moringa is called SUPER FOOD fir humans by WHO and other team of researchers. The utilization of Moringa in dairy and livestock sector is extremely beneficial for not only dairy cattle but it can also boost dairy business by increasing dairy farm income and cut down dairy feed cost. Cultivation of Moringa as fodder is comparatively cost effective as by other fodder crop like Corn, Maiz, Alfalfa etc. that’s why dairy experts says to Moringa as “ Dairy Friend Fodder”.

Pakistan is among first top 5Countries of the World having more than 18 Million livestock and producing 42 million tonnes Liter of Milk annually. The US top the list of top milk Producer followed by India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany, Russia, France, New Zealand and Turkey. In spite of all such distinguish level we are also in the list of low yielder for milk production. High numbers of cattle but milk production from each cattle is very low. There are many reasons that our farmers are not able to produce good yield from each cattle becauselack of a systematic national breed improvement program, lack for availability of good quality fodder and nutrients and poor farm management practices. Besides of other issues round the year fodder availability is great Challenge and malnutrition of our cattle is 2nd  major issue.


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Fodder Shortages

Our Dairy sector is suffering from low yield because of fodder shortage. We are not able to feed our cattle with green fodder round the year. Fodders are normally grown only for 3 to 4 months and after each new fodder cultivationshortage time reduce the dairy milk production or dairy sales. We need to grow those fodders which can give green fodder throughout the year. Cultivation of Moringa as fodder can resolve this issue, because it is perennial plant which gives vegetation all months of the year. It also help to reduce the cost of  fodder seed, ploughing . this fodder is great support to those days where green fodders are normally are not available. Farmers can use this fodder by mixing it with silage, Other green fodder, Hay etc.

Malnutrition of Dairy Cattle

2nd major issue which our dairies are facing malnutrition of dairy Milking cattle. Our farmers are not aware for good feed for dairy cattle for high milk production.  Concept for the losses of Macro and micro nutrients in dairy feeds is big issue. Our dairy farm Management is not well planned and lack of knowledge for complete feed is also. We mostly were getting few liters of milk due poor feed from our dairy cattle if they can also increase their Yield.  Small farmers always focus on leftover crops for milking cattle and could not feed Wanda, minerals or DCP to balance the nutritional deficiency.


Moringa / Sohanjana powder is very effective for dairy cows milk production.

Moringa  is High Nutritive Fodder:

Moringa is rich Source of all Dairy required Nutrients. Most important benefit of Moringa fodder is to provide mostly required Macro and Micro nutrients. Shortage of these nutrients leads to reduce dairy milk production and cattle health. When cattle take all nutrients on daily basis then they gives highest milk production and improve their health. Moringa Fodder is filled with

  • high quantity of Protein 16% in green fodder and 27% in Leaves dry Powder
  • Rich with Calcium, high in Energy 3254 kcal/Kg in dry Powder
  • All dairy Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus)
  • All Vitamins (A,B,C,D,E,K)
  • Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • 46 Antioxidants
  • Phyto Compounds which help to improve milk Production Capacity

Moringa Fodder Reduces Dairy Feed Cost

High nutritive feed is essential for milk production, due to lack of Knowledge and many times financial shortage is hindrance to purchase Wanda, DCP and Mineral Mixtures to cover up the deficiencies. Many farmers could not afford to purchase Micro nutrients while green fodder could not give all required nutrition. Moringa fodder can also reduce Dairy feed cost and increase dairy milk Production which will contribute to increase dairy farm income. Moringa is helpful to reduce dairy feed cost by reducing DCP and dairy Minerals needs.

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