Moringa Dairy Powder


Moringa Dairy Powder

Moringa dairy powder is perfect Dairy Feed Supplement that enable cattle to increase dairy milk production and body mass. It is very effective to replace Dairy Mineral and DCP Cost for milking cattle and help to gain weight for fattening cattle. It is natural source of Natural Vitamins, Minerals. Amino Acids, Antioxidants and Phyto Compounds which are fully helping for dairy milk Production. These all nutrients are not possible in any fodder or singly natural Source.

Increase Dairy Milk Production

Moringa Dairy Powder is necessary and cost effective to utilize for dairy milk production. Phyto compounds and other Macro and Micro nutrients help to improve dairy milk Production.

Increase Cattle Health

Moringa Dairy powder have 46 Antioxidants which help for to boost immune system and give power to fight with infections and illness. Animal get healthy and farmer core investment mean Cattles are secure and productive.

Help for Weight Gain

Due to high Nutrition profile of Moringa dairy powder it is extremely helpful for healthy growth and increase body mass. Research trials shows increase in body mass of bulls and goats from 700gm to 1000gm per day.  


Moringa / Sohanjana powder is very effective for dairy cows milk production. Sohanjana powder increase milk production up to 35%. Moringa dairy powder is used to increase meat production. Moringa powder helps to treat mastitis. Herbyzone Moringa dairy powder



Packing:    10 kg

Price:       RS. 4000/-

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