Moringa Fodder Can Reduce Feed Cost

Moringa Fodder Can Reduce Feeding Cost:

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Moringa is great blessing for human and cattle due to its abundant of nutrition and health benefits not only for humans but also for cattle. It is called super food due to high and max nutrition and Miracle tree due to high quantity of Antioxidants (46) and many Important Phyto nutrients those are not available in any other plant source. Due to its such highest nutritive and therapeutic values researchers claims that Moringa have ability to cure more than 300 disease in which Diabetes, Cancer, Cholesterol, Obesity, high blood pressure etc.

In many research papers it is claimed a perfect feed source for dairy cattle. Pakistan is 4rth largest milk producing country in the world, but the people who are concerned in this business are worried about their high cost and low income return. Fodder supply round the year and nutrient deficiencies are major issue for dairy farmers and these issues reduce milk production and dairy business income.

Major cost for dairy farming is cattle’s feed. Green fodder , Hey, Wanda, Khal, Mineral mixtures are vital for effective milk production and these products  like Mineral Mixture etc. are required when the poor nutrient fodder we  giving to our cattle don’t give sufficient nutrient.  Dairy farmer always pay max amount of his/her income for these expenses. How we may reduce these costs?

Many dairy feed companies are offering their feed products to overcome these deficiencies but this is not accurate solution for effective dairy business, because every new product for dairy cattle increases dairy business cost. If we will minimize the feed cost then we can increase dairy profitability and promote dairy business in Pakistan.

 Dairy farmer always rely on those products offering by different companies, but effective solution is that dairy farmer must use their own resources for feed and overcome nutritional deficiencies. Moringa Oleifera fodder is excellent Solution for above dairy issues. Moringa is getting popularity in Pakistan for dairy fodder and its leave are using as feed supplement.

. Sohanjana powder increase milk production up to 35%. Moringa dairy powder is used to increase meat production.

Moringa Importance as Fodder

Cultivation of Moringa fodder is highly profitable and increase dairy milk production up to 35%. It also increases fat level in Milk. Moringa fodder is sadabahaar for next 7 years and it can be cultivated on average lands. Moringa is drought tolerant plant and can survive very well even where water is not easily available. Growth rate of Moringa is very high as compare to its fodders and it gives 5 to 6 cuts in one year. Average per acre yield is 120 tons per Year.

Moringa is easy to use it can be mixed with green fodder and silage to increase fodder nutritional level or it may also mix with hey. As per research recommendations 10kg green fodder is required for each cow and 15kg fodder for Buffalo on daily basis.  Such quantity is sufficient to meet the required nutrient of dairy cattle. Milk production increase gradually by using Moringa fodder day by day.

Moringa have good taste and cattle easily ate it. Goats, Sheep, Eve and bulls can gain weight very well and get their good height as per their breed limits. Many goat farmers use Moringa fodder as grazing Source. By eating Moringa fodder goats increase milk production and good fat level in milk. Lambs/Goat Kids grow well and increase weight by increasing fat level in milk.

Moringa fodder can also decrease Wanda cost on monthly basis up to 33%. While using Moringa as fodder you may reduce your Wanda quantity, suppose you are using 1 kg Wanda on 3 liter milk production before Moringa use and when you will use Moringa as fodder you may reduce your Wanda up to 33% you would not loss your milk production.

Cultivation Method

Correct time of cultivation Moringa as fodder crop is from April to 30th June.  Seed requirement is 7 kg Moringa fodder seed. Minimum plant requirement for fodder are 21000 in one acre. Sowing Pattern is same as like corn. It cultivated on ridges by spacing of 1*1 and plant to plant distance must be 6 inches. First cut will be available after 3 month of cultivation. It may also vary by the difference of land fertility and crop care. After 1st cut it may be ready after 2.5 months interval.

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