Moringa Leaves Powder
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Rs. 1000/-

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Premium Quality

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250 gm

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Food Supplement

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Up to 72 Hours

Moringa Powder is Super Food and Special Plant Source of Food & Medicinal Properties. Moringa Powder is Richest Source of Minerals (Calcium, Protein, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium), Vitamins (A.B.C.D.E.K), Anti-Oxidants, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial and Antiviral Properties.


  1. Supports a healthy immune system
  2. Supports healthy digestion
  3. Supports healthy liver function 
  4. Supports healthy Brain system
  5. Helps for weight management

Moringa as the Vegetable With the Highest Nutritional Content:

  1. 70% more vitamin C than Oranges
  2. 40% more beta carotene than Carrots
  3. 30% more iron than Spinach
  4. 40% more calcium than Milk
  5. 30% more potassium than Bananas
Moringa for Joint Pains:

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