Sevia is White sugar substitute from plants Source. It is Natural Sweetener which have almost no Calories. The Active Compound of Stevia plant is steviol Glucoside and have 30 times more sweetener than Sugar. It does not spark in Blood Glucose Level and help  diabetes to control their Blood Sugar and even also help for weight Management. It is 100% Natural which don’t have any side effects. Stevia is useful sweetener for hot and cold drinks and it may also use to sprinkle over foods.   

Benefits of Stevia:

Diabetes Management Support

Stevia powder is high in Antioxidants and with zero Calories index. It does not increase Blood suger Level. It is highly beneficial for controll Suger level without impacting lifestyle is not addictive or side effects on sugar patients.

Weight Loss Support

Stevia Sugar has zero Calories and it does not increase energy level. The high sugar intake has been linked to weight gain and adverse effects on blood sugar but Stevia sweetener is perfectly safe sweetener which not increase weight at any stage.

Complete Natural Sweetener

Stevia is complete Substitute of white sugar and it can be used in your daily diet plan. It is used to sweeten the Tea, Milk and Syrups. It can also be use in cooking of sweet Dishes.



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